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How To Troubleshoot No Printing Visible Error In Dell Printer?

Dell printer users are very happy with the way the product is serving their various range of printing needs. Though happy as they are with the printing quality but more or less, errors show up at time without any prior notice. One of such errors which many Dell users have complained about is “No Printing Visible” Error.

How To Troubleshoot No Printing Visible Error In Dell Printer?

The error mentioned can appear in many cases but most prevalent cause of the error is because of third party ink. Since Dell Support, can only guaranty about their own product and no else, therefore if you use other inks which is not entirely Dell compatible, it might can cause harm in various ways.

Troubleshoot “No Printing Visible” Issue:

  • Switch off the printer.
  • Now, open bottom and top doors of the device.
  • Grasping by the handle, pull out the toner cartridge of the printer very carefully.
  • Check the black foam roller towards the centre of the printer and ensure it to maintain a 3/4 inch gap on the right side of the foam.

NOTICE: Ensure not to touch the transfer roller, this can cause print quality defects.

NOTE: ensure that the foam is properly positioned, and check if it has a metal bar on the right side. If the metal bar is not visible, carefully shift the foam over to the left, and try not to tear the foam.

  • Reinsert the toner cartridge and close the top and bottom doors.
  • Switch on your printing device.
  • Try with a test print.
  • Switch off the printer.
  • Hold the right arrow for a few seconds and release the buttons when the printer's MB and MHZ appears.
  • You will get a prompted screen for Config Menu.
  • Now hold the down arrow until Prt Quality Pgs appear on screen and press the Select button.
  • After the quality pages print.
  • Switch off the printer and power on the printer.
  • Check if there is any sign of smudging, fog, haze or spotting or other print quality issue on the page.

In case, you fail to find any print quality issue seen on the test print, the problem is solved. If issue persists till now, let us know about the issues in details. Call us on our Dell Printer Customer Support Number +353-766803285 and we will troubleshoot any problem related to your printer. We have the skill and experience to troubleshoot issues at the shortest span of time.

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